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How To Apple-Smoke and Grill A Whole Chicken

We're using the indirect heating method along with a little bit of apple smoke out of a side-box smoker to grill/smoke a whole chicken.

This is going to be all about apple. Apple smoke, and an apple in the core of a whole chicken while grilled with barbeque briquettes indirectly and a little apple-smoke in the side box smoker.. 

As you can see by the label on the right, I'm smoking up and grilling a whole chicken weighing just over 5 lbs. Half the battle is preparation- making sure you get everything just right for the cook.



As for your barbeque grill preparation, the first thing to do is light a good charcoal fire on the grill. One with enough charcoal to last a good hour and more, because a five pound chicken is going to take at least a couple of hours and more to cook. Chances are good, you'll have to light another little bundle of coals in order to complete the entire cooking time. A five pound chicken will take at least 2 to 2 1/2 hours to complete.

 Light your coals with a chimney charcoal starter to prevent chemicals and toxins from penetrating your food. Lighter fluid will give your food a noticeable chemical taste and can oftentimes ruin an otherwise, good barbeque.  Besides the foul after-taste from burning lighter fluid, unburned lighter fluid  liquid and gasses  are full of dangerous toxins. Burn your coals clean with a charcoal chimney starter.


Chicken Preparation for the Smoke - Grill 

Full view of a chimney charcoal starter To prepare the chicken for a cook, start with thoroughly washing with cold water including the cavities. Pat dry inside and out to minimize excess moisture during the cooking process.

After the chicken is cleaned, rub a good olive oil over the entire bird. This will help with keeping a firm fresh and sealed skin on the bird while roasting. Season to taste. I like to use Lawry's Seasoned Salt and then sprinkle on some Roasted Garlic and Herb. The apple off to the side is set for the stuffing cavity.  We'll use a big juicy apple to fill the cavity and smother the interior grilling time with the moisture from the fresh, cooked apple flavor. It will also help with keeping the meat moist.

It's important to use no more than a full sheet and a half of newsprint for proper lighting of charcoals. Stuffing too much paper into the chamber will prevent the paper from igniting and failure to burn your charcoals.


Fill the chimney with as much charcoal needed to cook your food.  A full chamber will supply an hour and a half or more cooking time.  Ideal for indirect cooking methods such as cut up chicken pieces, country spare ribs, small turkey breasts, pork and beef roasts.

After a few tries, you'll get the hang of gauging and filling charcoal chamber efficiently. Need more coals for a longer cook time?  Simply fill the chamber again and evenly distribute to hot coals.  Repeat as necessary. There you have it!  Safely smoked or grilled food without toxic chemicals.
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