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Don't let the smoke get in your eyes

Smoked Boston Butt

Smoking Food Is My Passion

No matter what the season throughout the year, there's absolutely nothing like preparing a meal outside on the grill or in the smoker.

I've spent better than 35 years smoking and grilling food outdoors for my hungry family of nine. Nowadays, having an empty nest, I still continue to grill and smoke every chance I get. And when my kids and Grandchildren come over, I'm delighted to put on a smoke that brings back the good old days and triggers new memories in the minds of my Grandchildren.

Smoking food is NOT rocket science. If you've been putting aside smoking food for fear of a disaster, you can't be more wrong. If you can grill a simple hot dog or a hamburger, you can smoke meats, cheese and nuts easily. And I'm here to tell you how to get started with the minimal basics.

Learn The Basics Smoking Food

If you want to learn the basics on how to smoke and or grill food outdoors, this is just for you. To start off with, forget all fancy smokers and gadgets. Get a feel and a taste of where you're going. I'll get you started and up to speed with a a minimal amount of bucks and whole lot of fun. Let the smoking begin. All you need is a barbeque grill and some wood chips to get you started.


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