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Articles of interest & links related to smoking, grilling, recipes and general information on how to easily smoke and grill food.

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Articles of Interest

Smoking & Grilling Food

Smoking and Grilling Articles of Interest

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Welcome to the Articles of Interest Section of Smoke Some Up. Here are some resourceful & related grilling and smoking articles we think you'll enjoy.


- How To Light Your Charcoals    Revised- July 2012
There are many ways to light your charcoals. We're going to concentrate on the best and most reliable method. Here's how to properly light your charcoals for grilling and smoking food.

- Smoking Food On A Charcoal Grill    August 2, 2011
There's nothing better than flavoring your favorite food with wood in a smoker or on the grill.

- What Is Smoking Food All About?    August 1, 2011
The origins of smoking were as a way of preserving food in the days before canning and refrigeration and there are three steps in the process. Learn the difference between hot and cold smoking.

- How to make Egg McStaniek Breakfast Biscuits    Jul 5, 2020
I've been making these breakfast biscuits for my family of nine for years and days gone by. These days I make them to stock my freezer for when I need a quick breakfast on the go.

- How To Apple-Smoke and Grill A Whole Chicken    Jul 29, 2012
We're using the indirect heating method along with a little bit of apple smoke out of a side-box smoker to grill/smoke a whole chicken.

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