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How To Make Egg McStaniek Breakfast Biscuits

End Result - McStaniek Breakfast Biscuits

Prepared for freezing and later consumption.

Alrighty then, I am waring you right off the bat! This article is neither about smoking or being grilled. But I have been making these breakfast biscuits for as long as I can remember. Don't be discouraged. I am posting this article chiefly because I've got so much time on my hands and it seemed to be a good idea to re-ignite some memories for my children who are well accustomed to these breakfast favorites. 

McStaniek Breakfast Biscuits Out From The Oven

First off, baking the biscuits is not rocket science. I use what ever is available at Kroger when I shop. Follow directions on the biscuit package. Every package is different. I set the oven to preheat to 325-350, place them on an ungreased sheet pan and bake fro 12 to 15 minutes. It's best to keep your eye on them getting down to the wire. I love mine medium light brown. 

Cheese Added To Breakfast Biscuits

Next place the cheese on the heel side the of buscuit. Doing so will help keep the melted cheese confined to the buscuit and make things much easier to reheat. Also it will allow you be able to pull the assembled biscuit apart should want to add additional condiments or additions. As you can see, I love my cheese!

Egg Added To Breakfast Biscuits

Now the fun part, if you call cooking up eggs is fun. The bright side here is, you can place almost any desired egg you like. Massively scramblesd, poached or over easy! It doesn't matter, you're going to dig it the most. Me? I like to lightly fry up one side and poke the yolk once. This way the egg stays in the most likley position to fill the biscuit and doesn't run off the biscuit. Try to consolidate the egg so that it fits the biscuit perfectly. You don't want the egg hanging over the biscuit because during the reheating processs it'll become brittle.

Cheese Added To Breakfast Biscuits

And now for cooking your sausage! Cooking breakfast sausage IS rocket science. The trick to perfect sausage is to cook low and slow one side at a time. This helps from under cooking pork. You can always tell the doneness on the first side once the sausage patties begin to turn color/brown around the edges. Do the same for the other side where the doneness meets the uncooked surface and becomes uniform, Wallah!   Next turn up the heat to medium and crispy brown both sides lightly. This is more a visual benefit than anything. Your sausage will look beautiful and taste GREAT?

Cheese Added To Breakfast Biscuits

And finaly I placed the biscuit top halves on and completed the assembly. Now all that's required is wrapping them up for the freezer. Unless ofcourse you're going to serve them to a breakfast hungry group.

Parchment Paper for freezer storage

So, if you're not planning on sharing a group to breakfast delicousness and would rather preserve them for future use, wrap them up tightly in parchment paper for storage in your freezer. Parchment paper is ideal for reheating as it can tolerate oven and toaster oven temperatures up to 350+ F.

Parchment Paper for freezer storage

Here's the finished product all wrapped up and ready for the freezer. Now, I can easily have a great breakfast when ever I so desire.


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