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Briquettes VS Lump Charcoal 
7/4/2020 8:50:47 AM
What’s The Difference Between Briquette Charcoal And Lump Charcoal?

Stay Warm, Cook with Charcoal
December 29,2018
Looking for a way to stay warm this winter? How about firing up the grill and cooking with charcoal?

Char Griller
May 05,2018
There are few identifiable issues with the Char-Griller, and for its price point it would be a good investment for a medium sized family or someone who wants to grill good food.

June 04,2013
North America’s top grill chefs share their secrets.  We’re entering grilling season, a time to revel in the primal melange of fire, meat, and barbecue sauce.

Grilling Around the World
April 16,2013
Connoisseurs of American barbecue esteem cities such as Memphis, Kansas City, Austin, and Lexington, North Carolina for their barbecuing prowess. But other places around the world, ranging from India to Japan, have their own cherished traditions of barbecue, some of them centuries older than the proud legacy of American.

Champagne and Basil Grilled Salmon
December 31,2012
In honor of New Years, we thought wed incorporate a recipe that includes an enormously popular holiday drink: champagne. Use this delectable salmon recipe to ring in the New Year, and we hope you have a joyful beginning to 2013!

Bacon Explosion
The biggest part of knowing a heart attack in the making. But I'll try this one on any time.  I'm thinking New Years 2013.

The Finger Test to Check the Doneness of Meat
December 30,2012
Easily check for the doneness of meat without using a thermometer by comparing how the meat feels with the feeling of your hand as you touch different fingers together.

Are Microwaves Safe?
You can find one in almost every home kitchen and work lunchroom, but are microwaves safe? Before you "nuke" that next meal, you need to read this first



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Smoking & Grilling Food Made Easy.  Smoking is the process of flavoring, cooking, or preserving food.


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